A Guide for Contributors


GRAM Magazine is a monthly print and online magazine aimed at celebrating the amazing food and drink culture in Victoria and beyond.

We love editorial that tells a story. Through well crafted words and stunning photography we want our magazine to delve deep into your food and drink experiences, whatever they may be. We like to keep it positive, to enjoy and celebrate our food and drink culture.

We’re looking for engaging, unique content that oozes personality and takes the reader on a journey through narrative story telling, well thought out photography and exceptional experiences.

We welcome both finished work and pitches. If you’re submitted a pitch, please include with it some clippings/links and/or portfolio samples of your previous work. Prior to submitting your content, read as many editions of GRAM as you can, so you can get a real sense of the style and ground we cover.

We do endeavor to reply to all submissions, however due to the sheer volume of pitches we receive, this is not always possible.

We work six to eight weeks in advance of publication dates (the end of each month), and a little cover letter never goes astray either.

Some considerations

  • General review pieces are an ideal length at up to 600 words.
  • Feature articles and more in-depth pieces can be up to 1500
  • We like to have a selection of images to work with when considering layout. Images must be at least 170dpi.
  • We also often pair up photographers and writers who can compliment each others’ skills

Please submit your work to editor@grammagazine.com.au

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