The first thing that came to mind when I rocked up at LBSS Cafe was, “How the heck have I not noticed this place until now?!” I have been going across the road to have my usual roast duck fix at Pacific House every three weeks for the past six years but never noticed them until now. Too funny.

The concept at LBSS Cafe is very simple. It stands for “Little Big Sugar Salt”. There are only eight main items on the menu (with maybe two or three more for daily specials and little items). The menu is designed to make it simpler for people to make their decisions. All you need to do is decide whether or not you feel like getting something sweet or savoury; big or small portion. Then, you’ll be presented with two options for that category. It’s pretty nifty and straight forward, I must say. I don’t like menus that are too overbearing with choices.

We came here on a relaxed Sunday morning and though the cafe wasn’t big, it was very warm and inviting. We had a nice big table to ourselves too – lucky us.

I started off with a lovely soy piccolo. Robust and fragrant, it was just what I needed. Then, I ordered the Freekakes with the extra trout gravlax and it was DELICIOUS. It was a unique dish (as I find corn and zucchini fritters mega boring) with very distinct yet complementary flavours too. The cakes were crisp/crusty on the outside and tasted so, so good with that homemade chilli jam. I loved the addition of kale (which made it a healthy and tasty dish) and also the underlying note of cashew from the cream. Not to mention, the gravlax was honestly the best I›ve had in Melbourne. It was so fresh, flavourful (without being overly salty) and still retained great bite and resistance in the texture. Outstanding. Now, that is one way to make a healthy dish (with lots of superfood) taste damn delicious. It was a tasty dish from start to finish and the green juice I had with it was definitely refreshing to drink.

I had a small nibble of everything else and thought they were done pretty well too. The acai bowl is one of their signature dishes and definitely recommended for people looking for a healthy start to the day. Plus, that mother of a grilled cheese sandwich (Dr Ron Swanson) was GREAT. Definitely not a light breakfast dish but hey, it tasted friggin’ amazing. It was everything you wanted but know you shouldn’t all in one. A plate worthy to be named after the man himself. Loved the smoky pork hock flavour too. Although, I must say that I am also a sucker for any Parks and Rec reference as it›s one of my favourite shows to watch (anyone else a fan?!).

Overall, what I find most appealing about LBSS Cafe is the dishes that they offer that highlights healthy superfood ingredients (such as freekeh, kale, quinoa, acai etc) without compromising on flavour. Definitely something that sets themselves apart and sits well with me as I too am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle this 2014.

That said, I also love the fact that they have something so tasty/crazy/indulgent like the triple decker grilled cheese sandwich (Dr Ron Swanson) too.

Very happy to have tried out LBSS Cafe. A nice, healthier alternative to your standard brunch places. Can’t wait to come back. This time, I want to have a coffee with their homemade almond milk too. Again, so healthy! Love it


CUISINE: Café Fare, Coffee, Breakfast, Brunch
ADDRESS: 385 Victoria St, Abbotsford
PH: 9427 8818
HOURS: Mon – Fri 7.30am – 3.30pm / Sat 8am – 4pm / Sun 9am – 4pm
FACEBOOK: lbsscafe
INSTAGRAM: lbsscafe
TWITTER: lbsscafe
COFFEE: Wide Open Road

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