Northcote seems to be a new dining hotspot that I am more than happy to venture out to these days and Barry is the new kid on the block (coincidently, right next to Merricote, another favourite of mine). You may recognise the clean, bright and simplistic aesthetic of Barry; along with Touchwood and Pillar of Salt, they have all been opened up by the same people.

We arrived slightly after Bestie S, so by that time, she had already nabbed a table after a brief wait outside. Bestie S chose the weather-appropriate iced coffee with honey, which towards the end overwhelmed her with the milkiness of it and possibly by the size of it too. Mr A and I enjoyed our coffees, both robust and strong as requested.

I had originally wanted to order this dish however Mr A also made the decision to order it as well so I changed my mind so that we would be able to sample more dishes. It was Mr A’s fortune that I did because as soon as he took a bite out of the salad, he demanded a dish swap claiming it was too healthy. In the end, we both lucked out as I loved the dish. Despite being very healthy, the fresh elements and flavours of the dish made it stand out and the sweet pops of pomegranate contrasted well against the briny strips of the cucumber and gin cured ocean treat. There were plenty of super foods in this salad so I’ll be keeping this one in mind for future recreations for work lunches.


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