B’Churrasco – A succulently unique dining experience!

We were extremely excited to dine at B’Churrasco on Friday evening as we had heard great things about the place. Having done a little research on this all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ, I arrived well prepared with three hungry humans, one in which was conveniently fluent in Portuguese. Greeted by the owners, we were quickly escorted to a table and our waitress explained to us how the true experience of dining at B’Churrasco works.

A succulently unique dining experience, their specially designed Brazilian Churrasco (meaning BBQ meats) consists of a selection of 12 Australia’s best roasted Meat, Poultry and Sausage which are all marinated to provide customers the true taste of Brazil. Here, the friendly and energetic staff personally serve and carve the meat on skewers right at your table!

With drinks to start, we all indulged in Caipirinha, which is Brazil’s national cocktail made up of cachaça (sugarcane and hard liquor) sugar and lime. Refreshing, cool and delicious, we happily drank this to our hearts content throughout the evening as it goes excellent with the tastes and flavours of the food. The starters that were immediately brought to us included, farofa – toasted cassava flour, banana frita – fried bananas, feijao – black beans, arroz branco – brazilian rice, hand cut chips and a fresh spring green salad.

Building up the anticipation of B’Churrasco, we all contently waited and watched the servers waltzing around the floor with their skewers, wondering when they would come to our table next. Voted favourites of the night included Paleta de Porco – glazed pork, Rump Cap Picanha com Alho – garlic rump and Costela de Boi – beef ribs. Not only was the food delicious but the staff was also very accommodating and friendly throughout the whole night.

The tastes, flavours and experience of the night did not disappointed, as we all left extremely satisfied, full and smiling. If you crave delicious food and a fun and entertainingly unique dining experience, you should definitely dine at B’Churrasco!



CUISINE: Brazilian, BBQ
ADDRESS: 61 A’Beckett Street
HOURS: Mon – Tues: Functions Only ~ Wed – Sun 5PM- Late
FACEBOOK: BChurrasco

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