Burgers in Melbourne / Huxtaburgers New Additions

Home to some of Melbourne’s best burgers, Huxtaburger is a favourite among many. We all remember the arrival of the Claire burger, a scorching southern belle featuring chicken in all it’s deep fried glory. So we’re over the moon to be bringing you the brilliant news; there’s a new menu!

Now now, don’t get your panties in a bunch, the tried n’ tested favs for those that love a good Melbourne burger will remain, there’s just a few additions. Step aside Claire (but don’t really, please stay), Sondra has arrived, and she’s vegetarian friendly with a kale, quinoa and zucchini patty!

And just to up their burger rep even more, Huxtaburger Melbourne have even introduced a BREKKIE BUN! Vanessa is definitely a morning person—errr, we mean burger—, with some good ol’ BAE (bacon and eggs) lovin’, cheese and creamy bloody Mary mayo. Up your hangover cure chances with Huxtaburger’s posh and scrumptious version of a hash brown – a crispy potato rosti.

Onion rings, prawns and crispy chicken strips round out the menu, served with a side of mega milkshakes and sundaes! If you’re looking for a milkshake in Melbourne, Huxtaburger has it in the bag with ripper flavours such as choc mint, jaffa and bubblegum. “Whether you’re gluten intolerant, a meat-lover or vegetarian seeking a burger fix or quick bite, the refreshed Huxtaburger menu is delivering tasty options for all.’ Says Daniel Wilson, chef and co-owner of Huxtaburger.

Hubba bubba Huxtaburger, be still my heart palpitations.

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