Making Food Dreams Pozible

Most people these days have heard of crowdfunding. Although a relatively new phenomenon, the success stories are many and varied.

Pozible, an Australia based platform, was brought to life by directors, and co-founders Rick Chen and Alan Crabbe. Soon after meeting on a road trip from Sydney to Noosa some years ago, the duo found a shared passion for social entrepreneurialism and began collaborating on projects together.

It was while working on one of these projects that Rick and Alan met an amazingly talented artist who, like so many artists, was frustrated by having to keep her ‘art on the side’. It was a story they had heard before. Friends, family and colleagues alike, with passions and talents in various fields struggled to get their foot in the door or the funding to make their dreams a reality.

Pozible was born from this need for inspired people to have an avenue that allowed them a flexible and collaborative way to raise funds for their projects. Making dreams Pozible, one might say.

To date, Pozible has hosted 5,865 projects and boasts a 56.2% success rate – the highest amongst all crowdfunding platforms globally.

So many of Pozible’s amazing success stories are within the food and drink industry. Like Littlesweet Baking that raised over $5,000 in nine hours (a Pozible record) and I Am Frozen Custard that raised $28,531 to fund their niche food truck concept.

The Pozible team are hosting a dedicated crowdfunding workshop for the food and drink community at their Collingwood office on Wednesday 2 April. It is open to anyone interested in learning more about Pozible, the opportunities available, and how to make it happen. The event will also be streamed online for those who are not able to attend in person.

Project creators (past, present and future) are encouraged to attend what is sure to be an informative and passionate discussion. Guest speaker, Sandy Breadsel, founder of the Treat Yo Self Cart will be on hand to share her experience as well as Matthew Benetti, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Pozible who will facilitate the event.

Full details are available on the website, and although it’s free registrations are a must. Head to or click here to register for the Collingwood workshop or to watch online.

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