Delhi Streets

The streets of India has made it’s way to the streets of Melbourne. More specifi cally, in the street known as The Archway in Katherine Place, the up and coming food precinct in ‘the other side’ of Melbourne’s CBD. Delhi Streets focuses on street style Indian food spread across the popular north, where it rains curry and scrumptious south where the staple is briyani and dosa.

The street style take adds a lot of heart and soul with no snobby noses or polished marble in sight. The decor is purposely decked out in ripped street posters, rustic signs and even decorative rubbish bags. Luckily they’re just decorative. Another positive for being ‘Street Food’ is aff ordability. Delhi Streets has been crowned Good Food Guide’s Melbourne Best Cheap Eats. The menu is full of Indian words, some of which you may have never heard of before; Pani puri, chaat, naan, kulfi , dosa, biryani, thali, etc. When it’s in another language, you know it’s got to be authentic.

Pani Puri, very much a ‘hands on’ dish with crispy lentil cracker balls stuff ed with potatoes, chickpeas, onions and tamarind spiced chutney served with spiced water. Pour the spiced water into the crater of the puff and let your mouth explode. Note to self, do not eat and Snapchat simultaneously.

Other dishes on the menu include The Bhel Puri; puff ed rice Indian salad, puff ed rice, sweet and sour, crunchy, delicious. Thali which consists of naan, rice, poppadom, accompanied with raita, dahl and curries. Dosa; crispy savoury crepe fi lled with curried potatoes and did I mention deep fried naan? The list goes on.

As we fully stuff our faces with fragrant spices it’s time to sweeten things up. Asian dessert aren’t always a winner but at Delhi Street’s, they’ve hit the nail on the head. I mean, Nutella naan. Need I say more? Oh but I do. Carrot Halwa; grated carrot soaked in what may be condensed milk topped with almond and pistachio. Kulfi ice cream; pistachio, cardamom, saff ron, cinnamon. Gulab Jamun; cottage cheese doughnuts drenched in syrup.

or a cheap and un-pretentious dinner in the city Delhi Streets is a winner. I can’t pick a favourite but if I can offer any advice I would say sharing is caring and do NOT leave without dessert.

22 Katherine Place
PH: 9629 2620

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