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It goes without saying that we are living in bonkers and, let’s not mince our words, tragic times. Everyone and every business will be affected. Everyone. And this includes Gram.

Firstly, we are devastated by what’s happening and the impact this will have on every single one of us. To our mates, allies and partners in the hospitality industry, you are front and centre of our thoughts as this situation continues to unfurl and unleash the extraordinary and unexpected on us all.

Here at Gram we were working on our first new quarterly edition to come out next month. As Gram is stocked in cafes and restaurants across Victoria, our publisher, Hired Gun Media, has made the difficult decision that future editions will not be going ahead for the foreseeable future.

We are gutted. But we also have a plan and a strategy and we’re here to help. That’s right, we’re here to help.

Expanded freelance budget and digital-first

From today, Gram will be a digital-first publication. Budgets we had dedicated to print publication will be re-deployed to our freelance budget. We welcome pitches from everyone, but priority will be given to the below:

  • Hospitality workers who have lost their jobs or had their hours severely cut. Further priority will be given to those on visas who are ineligible to receive assistance from the Australian Government and for whom returning to their homeland may not be an option.

We welcome pitches from everyone. These can be stories, news pieces, recipes etc. Please ensure they’re succinct and include any picture ideas or other assets that can enhance a piece. You will need to invoice with an ABN after the piece has been approved for publication. We have sped up our payment procedures and will pay freelancer invoices within seven days of publication. We don’t pay the best – we never have – but we do pay the fastest. And that’s a promise we continue to keep. If you don’t have an ABN, you can get one here. To pitch, simply email [email protected].

Editorial direction

The key editorial team at Gram are qualified and committed journalists. You will notice more journalistic pieces published as we move forward. This is our strength and our commitment to the industry we love. Expect investigative pieces, analysis and news. Expect it from across Australia, not just Victoria. Expect it in innovative modes of storytelling as well as video and audio.


From April we will launch our new podcast. Called, imaginatively, Gram, it will be released each Saturday, fortnightly. The podcast will report on the latest from the industry and will be balanced with enough sweet, to counter the sour. We’re excited to be producing the podcast and we’ll have more details in coming weeks.

Tumult is our new normal and surviving this maelstrom will be onerous. But tumult and maelstroms need not be catastrophic. You just need the right kind of hull and the courage to steer ahead.

We’ve tempered our hull and we’re surging ahead. Get onboard.

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