Matcha Mylkbar

Matcha Mylkbar is the newest and freshest vegan cafe to hit the Melbourne food scene. The cafe itself is situated in the heart of St Kilda, right on the corner that marks the intersection between Acland Street and The Esplanade.

These days there are dozens of eateries with menus that once upon a time may have been considered a little left of field’. If you consider yourself a frequent and educated Melbourne brunch-goer, you would probably agree that mushroom bacon is no longer a surprise to find in the additional items section of the menu.

The Matcha Mylkbar is completely plant-based, so yes, you can add mushroom bacon to your toast. But one Melbourne breakfast regular you won’t find on the menu is caffeine. Turmeric lattes, beetroot lattes, cacao lattes, mushroom lattes. But no cafÈ lattes.

Co-owner Mark Fillipelli says that the team were confident in their menu from the beginning.

So this is not going to be a stock standard write-up about how satisfied I am with my coffee and if my amount of smashed avo was acceptable. Because no disrespect to every Melbourne brunch review ever written in history, it would be to an extent, an extremely superficial way to discuss Matcha Mylkbar.

With all the plant-based eateries around Melbourne at the moment, what makes Matcha Mylkbar stand out from the rest? You’re probably thinking, well that’s obvious. There’s matcha in everything. Well, think again.

To be more accurate, only one third of the menu’s items contain matcha. Matcha pancakes, matcha smoothie bowls and matcha burger buns that are as green as a luscious patch of freshly mown grass in spring. This is definitely an aspect that makes Matcha Mylkbar unique. But this is not their only drawcard.

The team behind Matcha Mylkbar are all non-vegans. So believe me when I say that they have achieved their goal to create meals that people won’t realise are completely vegan.

And by vegan I not only mean plant-based, but food with a purpose. A purpose to address the unethical practices of caged and confined mass production that currently exists. (Now do you see why rating their non-caffeine lattes is a totally shallow angle to this piece. Although it must be said, my cacao latte was extremely smooth, silky and a perfect balance of sweet and bitter. Would recommend.)

So as a result, they have taken proactive measures to address the aforementioned issue. Cue vegan eggs.

Matcha Mylkbar’s vegan eggs are an original recipe. They look like traditional eggs, have a similar texture to that of traditional eggs and even come complete with the same yolk experience. We’re talking the same amount of pleasure of slicing into the little bundle of joy to be greeted with the exact runniness and thick consistency of a perfectly cooked poachie. *Melbourne rejoices*

Mark says, It’s a little sweeter in taste than a traditional egg, but more compassionate.

There are three simple whole-food staples that are needed to create the vegan egg: coconut mylk, sweet potato and linseed, the ingredient that is responsible for giving it the same protein content as a traditional egg. The process however, is kept under tight lock and key.

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Matcha Mylkbar is a serious game changer and strong forerunner in the future of modern brunch. It has set a new standard for the level of innovation and sustainability that can be incorporated into a both a healthy and deliciously satisfying meal.

This is definitely a brunch hotspot you want to put on your to-eat-at list. But don’t get too ahead of yourself because you’re going to have to get in line.


72A Acland Street, St Kilda

INSTAGRAM: matcha_mylkbar


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