Royale Brothers

Royale Brothers is a newcomer to the burger scene and was recently opened by the owners of The Pantry. It’s located to the rear of The Pantry and there are a long row of seats for people to sit down and enjoy their burgers.

After going through all the burger options, I settled for the crispy fish burger which consists of crispy battered fish, avocado, tartar, house slaw, cheese and Coney Island cocktail sauce.

I’ve never had such a delicious fish burger in my whole life – no joke.

Sandwiched between the beautiful soft golden brown milk buns lies the most delicious crispy battered fish. You can see from Hashem’s amazing photo, how crispy looking the fish is from the batter. I was completely converted after taking a bite. On the outside the batter was cooked until crisp and light golden brown and the inside was juicy pieces of fish cooked to the perfection. It didn’t taste overcooked either.

The house slaw consisted of shredded cabbage, coriander (great addition) and sliced capsicum, which help add an element of freshness to the burger.

The final element that made the crispy fish a perfection was the tartar, cheese and Coney Island cocktail sauce. I don’t know what they used to make the Coney Island cocktail sauce, but it was a smooth, creamy and slightly tangy sauce that went well with the slaw, cheese and of course crispy battered fish.
For chips, Hashem and I shared a serving of chips lightly seasoned with chilli seasoning and aioli. The chips were crisp and golden on the outside and soft and fluffy on the outside.


Hashem chose the Royale with Cheese. He told me he chose this burger because of the reference of the Royale Cheese burger in the movie Pulp Fiction. The burger didn’t dissapoint, he even mentioned that the pickles were pickled to the right acidity! Who else likes pickles here? Me!

If you love burgers and you’re willing to travel around Melbourne, then The Royale Brothers is definitely a place on your must-visit list. The burgers are high quality and I would definitely return just for the crispy fish burger. I can’t emphasise how much I loved that burger!

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CUISINE: Burger, Fast Food
ADDRESS: Rear 1 Church St Brighton
PH: 9005 4242
HOURS: Mon – Wed 11am – 8pm / Thurs – Sat 11am – 9pm / Sun 11am – 8pm
FACEBOOK: theroyalebros
INSTAGRAM: theroyalebros

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