Stockade Maple Imperial Stout

Our theme for this month is unusual ingredients – but is it that unusual to want to combine breakfast, dessert and a big boozy beer?

Apparently not, according to Stockade Brew Co. Stockade used their award-winning Imperial Stout as a base for their entry into 2017’s Great Australian Beer Spectacular (GABS), but added some maple syrup for some extra Canadian flair.

While some would say GABS is a Willy Wonka-inspired game of one-upmanship, one benefit to us the drinkers is the freedom breweries have to try something they normally wouldn’t. In the case of Stockade’s Maple Imperial Stout, the creative gamble worked, winning Stockade the People’s Choice Award at the event and becoming an instant hit with good beer bars and beer nerds alike.

For the uninitiated, an Imperial Stout is brewed to higher gravity and hopping levels compared to a normal stout, which intensifies the flavours and adds a noticeable alcohol presence. With The Mountie, the maple aroma can be detected from a range of 3-5 feet once poured into the glass (no kidding; it’s strong!). However, drinkers will be pleased to find the traditional roasty, dry fruit and chocolate characteristics of Stockade’s original Imperial Stout are not overpowered by the additional flavour.

Now this beer comes with a word of warning: patience. I found it very hard to slow down when trying this beer for the first time, but it has a little heat at the finish due to its 12% ABV. It does, however, taste amazing… so slip slowly!

Stockade will be appearing at Australia’s best winter beer festival, Bendigo On The Hop, on Saturday 26 August. Limited tickets are available now at Cheers to creativity!

Stockade Maple Imperial Stout
ABV: 12%
Style: Stout
Serving Temp: 8 degrees
Food match: Sticky date pudding
Origin: Narellan, NSW
RRP: $40 for a 4 pack (330ml)


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