The Boy Who Cried Wolf

This week we stopped by The Boy Who Cried Wolf – a new cafe concealed in a carpark in the neighbourhood of other respectable establishments such Kong BBQ and Top Paddock. The cafe is owned by Eugene Ye, Alan Ng and Eddie Lu who all take their coffee seriously and are highly experienced baristas. You’ll find plenty of speciality coffees here, and for those looking for something a little different, they are even making coffees with preservative-free Malk almond milk which they say achieves a delicious creamy result.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is open Monday to Friday and they are serving up an all-day menu created by head chef Dominika Kiernzel. The menu consists of breakfast staples including orange porridge, bircher muesli, avocado mash, eggs on toast and buckwheat fritter with prosciutto and poached eggs. The lunch menu is also delicious, with a range of soups, salads, curries, stews, and baguettes. It’s quite a mixed menu but there is guaranteed to be something on it for everyone.

Mocha ($4)
I had wanted to try out their almond milk coffees but the ladies in the queue ahead of us ordered the last one… shame! My husband, however, ordered a mocha, and it was amazing. The coffee was so strong, and combined with the rich chocolate, it was on another level to any other coffee we’d had in such a long time.

Bigos stew – with beef, chorizo, sauerkraut ($11.50)
Whilst our eight-month-old was kept occupied with the delicious, toasted, multigrain bread, I thoroughly enjoyed this Polish hunter’s stew. It was absolutely divine, with lots of beef, chorizo, onions, mushrooms and sauerkraut. I’d never had bigos stew before, but the flavours were intense and the beef was lovely and tender.

Meatball baguette ($9.50)
This was incredible. The tomato-based sauce was to die for and made the baguette so incredibly tasty. It was served with a bed of peppery rocket, aromatic meatballs, and oozy, melted cheese on top. Amazing.

We had such a fantastic late lunch at The Boy Who Cried Wolf and I think it’s a place we’ll happily return to. Next time I’d love to try an almond milk coffee as well as their baked eggs with pork belly which they had sadly run out of by the time we got there!

CUISINE: Café Fare, Coffee
ADDRESS: 3 Newton Street, Cremorne
PH: 03 9421 5143




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