The Kilburn // NEW In Melbourne

Leading the ignition of Hawthorn’s emerging bar scene, The Kilburn is set to bring an extensive range of premium whiskies, craft beers and cocktails to Melbourne’s quality-hungry inner-east.

Opening March 20, The Kilburn is set to answer the prayers of many suburban drinkers.

“We don’t want people to have to travel half an hour to have a decent nip,” says Ben Baranow, owner of The Kilburn.

“Hawthorn has a lot to offer and we’re bringing in quality liquor from all over the world so our locals can enjoy some of the finest alcohol a short walk from home.”

Hawthorn’s hottest new venue is already taking its role as the suburb’s drinking ambassador very seriously. An entire room, catering to up to 30 people, will be dedicated solely to whisky tastings.

Private group tastings will be available for budding connoisseurs and those who like to experience something a little left of centre.

“There’s nothing run of the mill here,” says Baranow. “We can’t wait to give Hawthorn that injection of quality alcohol it’s been waiting for.”

The modern saloon inhabits the iconic Commercial Bank of Australia building, built (in part) by Edward George Kilburn, whose name has been adopted for the old-meets-new drinking spot. Offering sophisticated bar food and a comprehensive spirits list, six days a week with a 3am license, the opening of The Kilburn marks the next stage of the Glenferrie Road precinct’s cultural revival.

348 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

[email protected]

9819 6699

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