5 reasons you should go to the Prosecco Festival 2019

It’s summer(ish), it’s getting warmer(ish) and it’s Prosecco time. Well, it’s always Prosecco time but right now is like THE PERFECT TIME. And by perfect time we mean this Saturday, February 23, at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre.

We’re not really big on listicles at GRAM, but what the hell. Let’s do this: five reasons to go to the Prosecco Festival in Melbourne this year.

  1. One lucky winner can pick up 2 x VIP tickets ($200 value) to Festival Session #1 from 11am. We’ll post the details on our account at Insta, @gram_magazine, and Facebook. Make sure you use the @TheProseccoFestival handle in your post. More details there.
  2. There will be stacks of Italian and Australian Prosecco. Stacks. And there will be food from Milk The Cow, 400 Gradi, Yarra Valley Caviar and Eat Cannoli.
  3. A Prosecco gelato pop-up. Yep. A beautiful conjoined baby of a gelato using the fusion of Dal Zotto and Tenuta 2 Castelli Proseccos. All mastered by The Prosecco Queen and Gelato Papa.
  4. Oh yeah, that ticket giveaway. What about it also includes: entry into a Masterclass AND the VIP area where there is free-flowing Prosecco, grazing tables from Milk the Cow and a Plumm glass per guest to keep
  5. And lastly, maybe you’ll see two gals or guys doing this to Prosecco…

You don’t do that to Prosecco. If you see this, you know what to do.

But to see it, you should go.

More details available here

Or go one better and just get the tickets here

Tickets are selling fast. For real, they are. Also, get moving on that comp. It’s defs not going to last.

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