Next of Kin

Melbourne has an ever growing brunch culture, making the café industry a particularly competitive and vibrant one. Next of Kin stands out by successfully crafting a convivial atmosphere in which to enjoy a lazy weekend brunch.

Although the food menu is somewhat limited in size, you will find unique items that a carefully prepared with skill, precision and technique.

Next of Kin is also particularly notable for the excellence of their coffee. The profound respect for the humble beverage is palpable. The Café serves speciality coffee from Proud poured by adept baristas.

Our espressos were well made with luscious, dense crema sitting atop concentrated coffee. The espresso blend was very easy to drink – it produced a coffee with light caramel notes and a hint of acidity.

Their latte and cappuccino are similarly well made, with the slight sweetness of the frothed milk cutting through the residual brightness from the foundation espresso. As expected, each arrived with an intricate rosetta in the milk foam.

The sheep milk yoghurt panna cotta was as pleasing to eat as it was to behold. Barely holding its shape, the panna cotta was quivering on the plate. Smooth and well made, the panna cotta went well with the beautiful summer fruits and textural buckini granola. The scattered treasures of bee pollen were a playful and delicious addition.

The fillet of trout had been cooked to perfection. It boasted a beautifully crisp and seared exterior and revealed a pink and delicate interior. The pickled beetroot added a desirable acidity which cut through the luxuriousness of the trout while the avocado, fennel and dill introduced a complex infusion of flavours. The sweet potato croquettes had a crunchy exterior and the mashed sweet potato inside was richly seasoned – it was a wonderful inclusion. In all, a truly remarkable dish.

Next of Kin is a delightful little café exuding modern chic charm with its cosy interior. The creativity and execution of the dishes at Next of Kin are commendable – you will be hard-pressed to find similar quality dishes at comparable prices in Melbourne.

546 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick
(03) 9041 8876

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