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Known as one of New Mexico’s ghost towns, White Oaks was once a hunting ground for American Indians before it became a bustling mining town in the late 1800s. If you close your eyes you can just picture it; like something straight out of a Western movie, complete with a gambling parlour, a brothel and of course, a saloon.

Inspired by the town and with a love of American craft spirits, brothers Nick and Tom Welch (who also own The Silverlake Social) brought a little piece of New Mexico to Prahran when they opened White Oaks Saloon Bar & Dining back in 2014. Greville Street is one of those strips that’s sometimes buzzing, but often a little sleepy – the perfect place for warm and inviting local with swinging saloon doors.

There’s one thing the brothers do very well, and that’s service. A watchful eye always ensures the Southern-style food coming out of the kitchen is consistent and quality, and the same goes for behind the bar, where drinks are carefully prepared using some very unique products, sourced from the US and Mexico and distributed by the boys under their brand High Spirits Beverages. There’s a wide selection of imported beers as well as cocktails and shooters that are crafted to celebrate the flavours of The Americas and complement the food.

Take the time to sit at the bar, look up at all the bottles you’ve never seen before. Ask the bartender for a recommendation, and if you’re lucky it will be a deliciously smooth bourbon or rye, something to transport you to the Old West. Here, your thirst will be quenched and your hunger satisfied. Just remember to hang up your holster on the hooks beside the door… unless you’re the sheriff, of course.

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