St Ali North

It’s been quite a while since brunch came up on my blog, and this makes me a little bit sad, as brunch is one of my favourite things in the world. Brad and I usually have Sunday’s reserved just for us to go brunching and I’ve always found it be a nice little bonding time for us. So here’s our visit to St Ali North, the new hot kid on the block that has everyone aflutter.

We checked out St Ali North on the first Sunday of 2013. This was potentially a bad move as I was worried, since St Ali North is still fairly new, that people would still be on holiday and there was the potential for there to be long waits for tables, food, anything! I don’t pride myself on my patience by any means!

But there are some days where you just feel like you really need to go somewhere in particular, and I was having that day with St Ali North.

So we drove up Nicholson and wandered around a little until we realised it was more on Park street, behind the bike shop on Nicholson rather than on Nicholson itself. Don’t be fooled by the address!

It’s a very clever move though, situated right behind a bike shop, next to a bike riding path, and also along a fairly quiet road off Nicholson with plenty of parking, makes it incredibly accessible and convenient. Couple that with one of the most well known cafe names in Melbourne…all that’s left is to serve good food and drink!

When we arrived, the place was pumping, so we left our names and were instructed to sit under one of the umbrellas on the grass, which was actually quite lovely as it was one of those cool but sunny days. Definitely pleasant in our current weather, although when winter comes around….might not be quite as pleasant!

Fortunately it was only a 10 minute wait, or maybe even less, then Brad and I were plonked onto the long bar/counter space.

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815 Nicholson St
Carlton North, VIC 3054

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