Beer Review: Mornington Peninsula India Pale Ale

Hip Hip Hooray for IPA … Summer is here, it’s time for a few ales around the BBQ and it’s no coincidence that Mornington Peninsula Brewery (MPB) have released their second beer in a can, their India Pale Ale.

Ok, ok all of you more discerning beer lovers out there are probably thinking, “Yeah whatever Trevor. An IPA is nothing to get excited about”. And to some extent, you’re right, there’s heaps of great Aussie IPA’s out there worth banging on about. But the funny thing is, this beer began life as MPB’s third specialty release and to see its journey (sorry, I now hate that word thanks to reality TV shows) from rare release to one that pays the bills so well, they had the confidence to produce it in a can is a fabulous tribute to Managing Director Matt Bebe, Head Brewer Andrew “AG” Gow and yes, even you – the craft beer loving public.

So why did the IPA join the MPB Pale Ale in a can, and not the popular Brown Ale? Matt was very quick to explain why. “Looking at the USA it showed us that to grow, you really need a good IPA which allows the drinker to go on a beer journey (there’s that word again) from Pilsner to Pale Ale to IPA” says Matt. “The IPA has been consistently around our second/third best seller. We thought the IPA was the logical choice since, just like the Pale Ale, the hop characteristics are preserved much longer in a can”.

So let’s talk about the beer. An American hopped India Pale Ale, it has a beautiful orange amber colour, initially a little malt sweetness in there and then delivers a sensational stone fruit bitter punch at the end, thanks to the late addition to the boil of Centennial, Simcoe and Citra hops. What is so surprising (perhaps even a little awesome) is that its 6.4%ABV is very well hidden making it dangerously easy to have a session on, so drinker beware! Get it at most good beer outlets all over Melbourne and regional Victoria. Why not try it on tap then compare it to the taste out of a can? Cheers!

ABV: 6.4%
Style: American India Pale Ale
Serving Temp: 6 degrees
Food Pairing: Cheese platter or spicy, oily Asian
Origin: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Price (RRP): 4 x 330ml $18 | 24 x 330ml $79
Buy it here:

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