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Definition of goneburger:

[sl] adj, verb, noun:  to go quickly; gone before you realise it; outta there (s)he’s goneburger mate … 

A successful launch last week welcomed Melbourne’s latest pop-up, Goneburger, to the Melbourne food scene. The newest gone-before-you-know-it pop-up venue is serving mouth watering burgers from the The Hub Café at the Urban Hotel on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda.

From November 7 through to early February, the pop-up will be open from 3pm till late and then will transform into a roaming food truck in 2015.

“We noticed that the Hub Cafe at the Urban Hotel was being closed at 2:30pm in the afternoon but had this great space, and a great bar in Mavis Browns next door,” said Ben Urdang, one of the brains behind the concept. “We’ve developed a good relationship with James, the general manager of the hotel and, together came up with the idea of us moving in after the cafe closes and adding a burger restaurant to the hotel’s repertoire. By launching this way we get to spread the Goneburger brand before the truck takes to the road,” he continued.

Andy Mackintosh of Goneburger said, “we have spent a long time creating a range of our personal perfect burger – whether that’s our signature burger “The Beef” with its short rib/chuck blend, our pulled pork and coleslaw or our finely tuned veggie burger. We’re also introducing the G Burger, a limited edition burger that will change every month. The first G Burger is a curry-inspired, slow-cooked Butter Chicken burger available for a limited time before it’s gone!”

Goneburger offers a choice of quality brioche or gluten-free buns, together with the sauces and accompanying ingredients. Each burger can be customised with additional ingredients, making sure it’s just the way you like it.




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