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This week’s review focuses on a Pale Lager from Israel. The Pale Larger being reviewed this week is from the Tempo Brewing Company, the brewer in Israel. The Goldstar Pale Lager is touted as Israel’s most popular beer.

This was a really interesting and unique beer. It’s a very full tasting beer that’s not heavy, and slightly above medium. There are nice hints of hops and malt and I could swear a faint note of corn. I’ve read that people consider this beer to lack character, whilst the beer doesn’t jump out and whack you, it is easy to drink and would be an ideal beer for those wanting to try something different.

Overall, a good solid drinking beer. Definitely one for a BBQ.

Gold Star Pale Lager Stats

Score: 6/10

ABV: 4.9%

Standard Drinks: 1.27

Style: Lager

Serving Temperature: 4 degrees

Country: Israel  

Price: $54.00 x six 330ml bottles

Buy it here: Gold Star Pale Lager (330ml)

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