Brew Review – St. Peters “The Saints” Whisky Ale

As the weather is now getting colder in Victoria, I thought I’d seek out a beer that would warm me through. I wanted something a little different from the usual assortment of Porter’s or Stouts and I think I found it, something that combines a couple of favourites, Whisky and Ale!

This week I’ve had the pleasure of trying a traditional English “Whisky Ale” or more specifically one from St. Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk. “The Saints” Whisky Ale is under the microscope this week.

I’ll admit to never having tried this style of beer before and admit to having reservations about how it would taste, would the beer kill off the whisky flavour or vice versa? I’m pleased to say neither, in fact the fascinating thing about this beer is that the whisky provides a beautiful smokiness to the beer all the while balanced by the having that wonderful malt and hop note that English Ales are known for.

This was a really wonderful beer and one to be recommended. If, like me, you want to introduce yourself and friends to new beer experiences, definitely give this one a go. It is definitely one for the colder months.

St. Peters “The Saints” Whisky Beer

Score: 8.5/10

ABV: 4.8%

Standard Drinks: 1.89

Style: Scotch Ale

Serving Temperature: 5-8 degrees

Country: England

Price: $78.36 (6 x 500ml bottles)

Buy it here: St. Peter’s “The Saints” Whisky Ale

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