Chilton’s Gourmet Pies

Crispy-flakey goodness on the outside, savoury-oozey filled goodness in the middle, Chilton’s Gourmet Pies are the oasis for the Australian pie enthusiast. And we all know, Australian’s know their pies!

With the winter weather kicking in full force, there is nothing better then sitting next to one of these easy to heat and eat gourmet pies. Filled with the freshest vegetables, rich and savoury gravy, cheeses and meats, and not to mention their addicting flakey crust recipe – each bite is something to look forward to.

Every single pie at Chilton’s is handmade personally, so you know each item you purchase and eat has a true labour of love made in every bite! Hungry? Why don’t you taste for yourself what we’re talking about!

Telephone: 03 8761 6601

Address: 20/128 Canterbury Rd, Kilsyth, Victoria 3137


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