Green Refractory – Brunswick

A local gem to many, the Green Refractory is definitely a hotspot to many hipster humans in Brunswick. Showcasing clear glass rows of endless sweets, cakes and baked goods, there is also a plentiful selection of savoury delicacies. From frittatas, to sushi, salads, sandwiches, soup and an epic all day hot brunch menu, this place will not only tease your eyes, satisfy your tastebuds but have a way to woo you heart to keep coming back for more.

A common place to dine with my very own Brunswick family, this place has a very hipster-vintage-homelike feel with a narrow but quaint courtyard peaking through the side. My favourites consist of the kumera and spinach frittata, mixed green side salad with haloumi and the Persian love cake for when I need a sweet fix.

And while many in the area know this place really well, it is without a doubt that the Green Refractory is common destination to others outside the Brunswick bubble. Having since moved suburbs myself, a trip to the north side of town is never complete without brunching here. Now go check out what I’m talking about for yourself! Oh, and did I mention – that somehow all the staff are really attractive?


Green Refractory

l: 115 Sydney Road, Brunswick

t: (03) 9387 1150

h: 7am to 7:30pm

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