Holgate Wild Red Ale

When leaving a sour taste is a good thing!

Holgate have been around since 1999 and in some ways have been a victim of their own sure and steady approach. Brewing outstanding ales over a long period of time in a rapidly expanding industry with new breweries opening around Australia every week has seen the Holgate team get drowned out from time to time thanks to deafening white noise in a crowded market.

But itís with beers like their latest limited release, a Flanders style Wild Red Ale, that reminds everyone just how innovative and on-trend Holgate Brewhouse can be, capacity allowing of course.

The Holgate brew team have been relentless in letting owner Paul know of their desire to produce a complex beer such as a Flanders Sour, a style of beer native to the Flanders in Belgium where lactic acid is used along with an extended aging period in oak barrels, red malt for colour and blended with one or more younger versions of itself.

In some respects, the Wild Red Ale is the crowning glory derived from many recent releases such as the 2014 Midnight Cowboy Project (Sour Cherry Porter), the Little Red Riding Wood mixed ferment and the early 2015 release of the kettle-soured Hop Tart, a semi-sour pale ale.

Wine lovers take note – this beer is for those that adore and admire complexity and a refreshing finish. Both a sipping, savouring beer and a food beer. Available from selected stockists around Victoria. Hurry, only 1,200 bottles available!

It gets better. Holgateís new Keepers Guild means you can become a member and receive super exclusive small batch brews like this one delivered straight to your door. Just get on to the website and punch in your details! Cheers!

ABV: 6%

STYLE: Flanders Style Sour Ale

SERVING TEMP: 6 degrees

ORIGIN: Woodend, Victoria

PRICE (RRP): $20 (750ml)

BUY IT HERE: www.holgatebrewhouse.com.au

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