Like Minded Projects

Dreaming of a chilled out, refined sugar-free, clean eating, vegan heaven? Well if you would like to make that dream a reality, Like Minded Projects on Smith Street can hook you up.

Like Minded Projects (LM1) is an eatery comprised of three different businesses operating under the same roof. The businesses are unlike one another but all have the same intention, to provide you with wholesome, delicious and good-for-you foods. Fred Gets Friendly supply salads, soups and baked goods, Supreme Coffee Roasters provide caffeine and Ace Cookies and Milk create cookies.

Upon entering the LM1 space you will notice that it is as fresh and clean as the food they serve up. Glass panels line the shopfront allowing the entire area to be lit generously by sunlight. The space is brought alive with quirky indoor succulents potted in brightly painted ceramic beds. A visit to LM1 on your own poses no problems, credits to the three communal tables you can choose occupy to enjoy your meal. You’ll never be short of company.

If you’re looking to fill an afternoon with delicious, wholesome foods, Like Minded Projects will take you all the way from lunch through to afternoon tea.

Round one of three, Fred Gets Friendly has you covered for lunch with a daily selection of freshly prepared salads with a mix of raw and roasted veggies. If you’re also feeling like something a little more filling they have a range of baked goods that can easily be heated in the griller. The usual suspects are savoury scones, brown rice paper rolls, polenta tarts and more.

For that pestering sweet tooth, Fred has an assortment of sweet treats to satisfy. Carrot cake, strawberry and cashew muffins and banana bread – just to name a few.

Stop number two, Ace Cookies and Milk, is just what the doctor ordered… according to your inner cookie monster. You can opt for a baked cookie sandwich or if you want to sink your teeth into something a little more indulgent, then a raw ice-cream sandwich might be the way to go. Deciding on which cookie combination to order is not an easy feat, but a difficult and timely one. Especially when your options are apple pie, triple chocolate, PB + J and salted caramel. Just when you thought you had it all planned out, you have to choose between berry beet, pistachio or honeycomb Zebra Dream Coconut ice-cream (an organic vegan coconut ice cream alternative).

In only a few short moments I lay sight on my ice cream sandwich. Both cookies are perfectly circular and the ice cream squished inside is so frozen it has not melted a single bit. It takes two hands to grasp the sandwich. You can taste the rawness of the cookies in their grainy yet smooth texture. It contrasts the creaminess of the ice cream. It is a delicious combination.

And now with a stomach that is twice as full and triply satisfied, it is time to make your way out. But not without a cup of takeaway frothy caffeine you’re not. True masters in brewing a cuppa joe that is right on point, the baristas at Supreme Coffee Roasters will chat to you all things coffee while you wait, which might just convince you to stay at LM1 to drink your last hurrah.

Indulgence has never been lighter and salads have never been tastier.

41 – 49 Smith Street, Collingwood
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