BAR/D UP Video Feature – Rupert, Collingwood

If you go to the UK and mention Rupert everyone will think you are talking about an iconic bear wearing a red jumper and yellow pants, a famous comic strip character since 1920. In Melbourne though you’ll find that Rupert is actually a fox and a very stylish one at that, residing in a little street named after him in Collingwood. Like any other fox, Rupert sleeps by day and comes alive as the sun begins to fade, welcoming hungry and thirsty people into his lair. He is the ultimate host, making sure his guests are treated to a very special experience whether it’s gathering by the fire, or sitting on the couches enjoying the indoor garden surrounded by his precious and personal belongings, including the motorbike parked just inside the entry, Rupert’s preferred mode of transport.

The space was co-owner Ric Corinaldi’s steel works for his construction business next door and is architecturally stunning. Everything has it’s place and the interior comprises many small details which come together to create a very warm and inviting venue that is more reminiscent of a home than a place of business. It’s an enchanting warehouse conversion with the ultimate bar and kitchen designed to throw the best parties in town. The food that’s served is modern and Mediterranean in flavour and made to share, including the pizzas which are based on a home made sourdough and baked in the wood fired oven. Beverages are also taken very seriously with an emphasis on supporting Australian brewers, distillers and winemakers, however other fine products are sourced from overseas in order to give you the finest drinking experience.

We all know and love Roald Dahl’s story about Fantastic Mr Fox, smart and fearless, living to feed his family and protect them, inviting the other underground animals to his burrow for a great banquet. It’s very possible the author met Rupert a long time ago before he made this bar his home and used him for inspiration, because we think he’s pretty damn generous and bloody fantastic.


73 Rupert Street

Collingwood 3066

PH: 9419 7702

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