Maccas to start trialling meat pies in Australia

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Sure, there’s an election happening this weekend following one of the most disillusioning campaigns ever to be run in Australia, England is leaving the European Union, and Donald Trump is still actually running for president – but in arguably more important news, it has just been revealed that McDonald’s will start trialling meat pies across its restaurants in Australia.

Beginning the trial in 20 stores across ACT and some in NSW (Canberra media was mighty quick to report on THAT particular aspect), the pies will sell for six months from Friday and go national if all goes well and everyone gets on board buying a pie from the multinational instead of hitting up their local bakery down the road for a cheeky steak, bacon and cheese and a chocolate Big M.

Probably most interesting of all of this is the fact the ex-Rabbitoh’s player and now High Priest of Pies, Sean Garlick’s company Garlo’s Pies will be supplying the burger giant with our national foodstuff. In a further win for the company, the pies will remain branded with Garlick’s logo.

Garlick (how good is his name!), whose pies are available internationally, told The Canberra Times that he was elated with the deal with McDonald’s.

“I mean nobody knows who supplies the buns, who supplies the patties, who supplies the fries, but people will know who supplies the pies,” Garlick said.

“I can’t think of a larger company in the world to take your brand on.”

Garlo’s Pies were chosen due to a seriously fortunate circumstance when Garlick sat next to a McDonald’s executive on a flight to the US.

The pies will be available in the selected stores until January.


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