World Class Dry Ageing Unit a First In Australia

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Bendigo steakhouse The Woodhouse completed the installation of a world-class beef dry-ageing unit this week, an innovative move to enhance both the venue’s premium beef experience and commitment to steak excellence.

The unit has been imported by restaurant owner Paul Pitcher from German company Dry-Ager and is the first unit of its kind to be shipped to Australia for restaurant use.

Dry ageing is a long-established method used to increase tenderness and taste, preserving the beef cuts and intensifying flavour.

Mr Pitcher explained “temperature stability is important, the Dry Ager is regulated at a constant humidity of around 85 percent and a temperature of two degrees Celsius”.

“We believe this amazing product is paramount for The Woodhouse to continue to innovate and deliver the finest selection of wagyu and grass-fed beef available”.

Renovation to the entrance of the restaurant was required to install the unit which presents a glass fronted specialized meat cabinet to patrons.

“The concept has been received positively by our guests, although we have found that in general, men seem to be far more interested in gazing at the beef on display” said Mr Pitcher.

The Woodhouse will be running unique Dry-Ageing and Premium Beef Masterclasses commencing in August, with tickets available from

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