Paradai Thai 2

Paradai Thai 1, Paradai Thai 2 and Paradai Thai 3. Clearly, Paradai Thai know that they’ve gotten it very right. Three successful restaurants serves as good proof. So, with three siblings to choose from, who did we decide to visit? Middle child, Paradai Thai 2 of course. See, the middle child is not always neglected.

First up, the Yum Neau, a zesty and spicy salad that was a feast of flavours and textures. Wonderfully fresh, the majority of the grilled beef strips were tender and full of flavour and heat – ramped up by the lashings of fish sauce, lime juice and chilli.
While I was enjoying the salad, C tucked into the Penang Curry. While this red coconut curry was very sweet, it also possessed a subtle and pleasant warmth of spiciness. A swirl around found cashew nuts, capsicum strips, springs of lime leaves and basil among the strips of beef. This was great for drowning our rice in.

We also enjoyed the green curry with chicken. Again, we found this dish to be on the sweeter side, which may have been due to the addition of pumpkin. I tend to like my curries more on the savoury and spicy side, but it was still a tasty curry.

The last dish was our Pad Thai. It really isn’t Thai without Pad Thai. The noodles were perfectly chewy, bouncy and had a satisfying lick of fire from the wok. Tossed with tender chunks of chicken, fried tofu cubes, egg, bean shoots, spring onions and finished with roasted peanuts, these noodles were finished in a flash.

For a long time, Paradai Thai 2 has seemed to have captured the hearts of the locals. Dishes are extremely generous in size, priced very reasonably and is sure to satisfy your appeTHAIte.

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CUISINE: Thai, Asian, Vegetarian, Dinner, Drinks, Take Away, Delivery
ADDRESS: 62 Koornang Road, Carnegie.
PH: 9569 3574
HOURS: 5pm – 10pm. Tuesday – Sunday

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