Prospect Espresso

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As the traffic moves swiftly from Prospect Hill Road to Burke, Prospect Espresso’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appeal is nestled in a wee space, with the crew pumping out consistently excellent coffee and well-executed breakfasts. The pared-back, sun-drenched cafe has quickly become a popular place for those looking for a sweet escape from the buzz of the main shopping strip and the promise of good coffee, all served in those mint-tinted Acme & Co cups. Bliss.

On the breakfast menu you’ll find the essentials, plus some newbies, from warm coconut rice with kiwifruit, lime air and puffed rice to panko crumbed eggs. The lunch menu is short and sweet; think meaty slow cooked lamb sandwiches and Reuben’s.

The big brekkie here is done well (perhaps one of the better ones we’ve had), the highlight being that gorgeous sourdough sitting underneath.
T stacked the toast with buttery slices of avocado flesh, crisp bacon and a stack of mushrooms. Nothing overdressed – simple at its best.
As J and T were suffering from some pretty nasty burger pangs (standard, really), they were delighted to spot this one on the menu. And boy, looks are deceptive – this one was packed with flavour; a thick, juicy patty layered with all the right elements (perfectly-cooked bacon, cheese, tomato, pickles and creamy mayo). The brioche bun, despite its richer texture, was still quite fluffy, rounding out a well-tiered lunch. Coupled with fries, J and T left content.

As for the coffees, none of ours could be faulted – this one will soon be a regular haunt for us.

Melbourne may not be short of cafes, but out in the ‘burbs it can, at times, be a little harder to locate those ones who are able to knock off all four points: awesome coffee, friendly staff, great food, and a relaxed fit-out of the ‘I’d happily read a book in here’ kind.

Prospect Espresso manages to tick all the boxes.

CUISINE: Cafe Fare, Breakfast, Brunch, Coffee
ADDRESS: 2a Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell
HOURS: Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm / Sat – Sun 8am – 4.30pm
TWITTER: @PEspresso
FACEBOOK: prospectespresso

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