Sex (Cans), Drugs (Hops) and Rock ‘N Roll: Young Henrys Hop Ale

Anyone who knows anything about good beer and Aussie music knows that the team at Young Henrys are equally fanatical about live music as they are about producing great beers for everyone to enjoy.

You Am I, Front End Loader, The Delta Riggs and most recently, Josh Pyke are but to mention a few amongst many local rockers to collaborate and/or drink with Richard, Oscar and the team at their Newtown brewery in Sydney to produce beers for tours, special events, antics to inspire lyrics – anything really!

So with the music festiv-ale (see what I did there?) season starting and festive season (The Fat Man in a Red Suit) not long after that, I thought it might be cool to have a look at their Hop Ale can and the impressive beer that lives inside it, because… well, this beer suits both occasions!

Seven malts and five different hops make for a full rock show experience without inhibiting your ability to party on afterwards. It’s a smooth ride with some light carbonation and a heap of Aussie hops added to all stages of the brewing process. Like a good Pearl Jam song from 1991, the Hop Ale appears and tastes great to the uneducated, but complex enough to impress the pessimistic musician-types in Kings of Leon t-shirts standing against the pub wall mumbling “We could do a better job than this”.

I’ve often said that the most important thing for local breweries is to tell their story, let people know what gets them out of bed and allow their beer do the talking. Young Henrys do this with a Marshall stack, a sweaty pub rock feel and awesome people to party with. In fact, I think I’ll pack up my guitar and head north for a gig at Young Henrys.

Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers! To good beer, good tunes and great people!

ABV: 6%
STYLE: Dark Hopped Ale
SERVING TEMP: 6-8 degrees
ORIGIN: Newtown, Sydney NSW
FOOD PAIRING: Christmas Pudding
PRICE (RRP): Takeaway $5 330ml | $44 for 12 pack Restaurant $8-10

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