Short Round

Upon reaching Short Round, with its gorgeous open space and simple but tasteful décor I was positively thrilled that we were able to get a seat immediately.

However, we were also sympathetically informed upon seating, that due to the huge demand this particular weekend (and as they had only just opened) that the wait for food would actually be an hour.

Well, Brad and I were there, we were seated, so we decided to wait it out. Our waiting habits from America are still strong with us apparently.

Fortunately to tide us over, the very kind waitresses made sure we were quickly furnished with hot drinks. A lovely looking latte for Brad and an absolutely delicious soy chai for me (as always). I absolutely loved the cup that the chai was served in, it kind of looked like an egg to me, and I also adored how spicy and flavoursome the chai was. Incredibly enjoyable.

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