Street Talk Espresso

Dean Fourtzis’ family has been involved in wholesale business for a long time, but his interest in the service side of things resulted in him starting Street Talk Espresso seven years ago. Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern influences are seen in the food at Street Talk, and Dean and his staff put together the inventive seasonal menus, making the most of local produce where possible.

We visit this Armadale cafe on a beautiful and sunny Autumn day, deciding to make full use of the spacious courtyard to enjoy the weather.

Street Talk began roasting its own coffee beans under their The Agency Espresso brand using predominantly South American beans, which were chosen for their sweetness. Its house blend ‘5th Avenue’ is sampled as a latte, and it is smooth and sweet, not requiring the regular amount of sugar to be added.

Almond milk is made in-house fresh every morning. Informed that using almond milk results in a slightly more bitter coffee, but comes with natural sweetness from figs, I was intrigued. The coffee is exactly as described. My cappuccino does seem quite bitter at first, but there’s a sweet aftertaste that lingered on the palate a little longer than refined sugar would. I’d recommended not being hasty in adding sugar before tasting the coffee for the first time.

Baked goods including fluffy muffins are baked daily. We also try the paleo loaf, which both smells and tastes heavenly, especially being straight out of the oven. Composed of a variety of seeds, chia and coconut flour, carrot and a few secret ingredients, it’s moreish, especially with the vibrant tomato chutney.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Bruschetta is a filling and hearty breakfast of roast pumpkin smash, wild mushrooms, poached eggs, coriander shoots, locally-made charred haloumi, lemon and beurre noisette. Butter on herbed mushrooms is a classic combination, and the rich beurre noisette is perfect for the task. The nuttiness of the burnt butter sauce with a squeeze of lemon gives everything a bit of a lift.

The ‘Iron Mike’ is a considered arrangement of sautéed cauliflower florets, green peas, smooth, spiced yellow lentil puree, toasted chickpeas, burnt lemon, poached eggs, almond flakes and oregano salt. The combination of all the ingredients was so delicious together and tastes more flavoursome than it might appear. If only all vegetarian brunches were this good.

Street Talk’s French Toast uses challah instead of brioche, its intrinsic eggyness resulting in a beautiful and addictively fluffy dessert. Aptly named The Boss of all Challah, the toasty squares come topped with stewed apple, figs, passionfruit and kiwi fruit. Espresso caviar spheres create little pops of bitterness in the mouth when bitten into. Crunchy, sweet biscotti and chopped Tim Tams add extra crunch, and the mascarpone takes the edge off a dish that could potentially be too sweet.

Street Talk Espresso definitely impressed. Offering great coffee, amazing food, and friendly service, it’s a gem of a cafe that’s worth travelling for.


710 High Street, Armadale

PH: (03) 9509 9687

INSTAGRAM: streettalkespresso

FACEBOOK: streettalkcafe

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