The Spot

Upon entering The Spot Café you are greeted by a bearded, smiley face.
A beard with more substance than one sported by any trend setting Brunswick barista – a beard grown before beards were cool.

The man behind the beard is The Spot owner, Khalil Qubbaj.

The second thing that strikes you about Qubbaj is his unrestrained enthusiasm for good food and great coffee. This is evident in The Spot’s skilful selection of beans for their current house blend – brazenly going against the grain of popular chocolate notes and brewing up a cup of joe that will leave a sweet, fruity taste courtesy of 5 Senses’ Tightrope blend.

The Spot menu give a glimpse into Qubbaj’s journey, from his childhood days watching his mum lovingly prepare meals for their family, to his new life in Australia with wife Rim and their adventurous toddler, Mohammed. Middle Eastern with a touch of Aussie Sunday breakfast, the meals are exotic enough to pique your curiosity while still being approachable.
Popular dishes include Baked Moroccan Eggs topped with a cooling labne and a sprinkle of tangy zaatar and the Super Salad of red kale, organic trio quinoa, heirloom tomato and pomegranate jewels which bring all the health food fanatics to their yard (and yes, they have to charge).

Importantly, the place is completely Instagram-worthy. The olive green, perfectly padded stools from Schots Emporium that just invite you to perch upon them and browse through the weekend paper, to the recycled messmate timber table tops from Timber Revival (hand picked by Qubbaj, of course) you’ll be snapping away before, during and after your meal (#nofilterneeded).

Shop 6 14-20 Nicholson Street, Coburg
[email protected]

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