Little Rebel Coffee Roasters – Black Sheep Blend

We all have our favourite places to go for that daily caffeine fix. It may be a cafe near home or somewhere on the way to work, but what about when we go on holidays? If I want a break, or even a day away, I love to escape to the Mornington Peninsula and without fail, I head to The Little Rebel Roastery.

Hidden away in the industrial part of Dromana near the freeway, don’t expect a view of the ocean. Instead, you’ll get a beautifully renovated 50-year-old factory housing a roastery and cafe, where you’ll find locals grabbing a coffee or buying beans to take home. Pete and Trish Roberts had already been roasting on a small scale for their own cafe before selling up and making their home here in 2012 in order to focus on the roasting side of the business.

That said, welcoming people into their space is still part of what they do. From start to finish, everything is created with passion and via quality equipment, including the stunning orange Victoria Arduino Black Eagle coffee machine, which boasts custom group handles made from old wooden skateboards. The baristas here love using it, and there is no doubt in my mind that the coffee tastes even better because of this.

Their award winning Black Sheep blend is pretty much as the name suggests: the one that stands out from the rest. A combination of beans from Brazil and Colombia, it’s the main one served at the roastery and a perfect example of the style of coffee that Pete and Trish produce: very approachable and not shy in any way. This is very much an espresso lover’s blend, which is probably why I enjoy it so thoroughly and it never disappoints me. According to Pete, people often say their coffee tastes like coffee should: smooth, rich and punchy without the acidic undertones that can give a sour taste when prepared with milk.

These guys also roast and sell about 15 different single origins for those looking for specific flavour profiles, and there’s always someone around to help you choose if you’re unsure what to go for.

Don’t live on the Peninsula? Get in your car, leave city life behind and go visit Little Rebel Roastery in Dromana. Even if you have to take a day off work, just do it. Go on, be a Little Rebel… you know you want to.

Little Rebel Roastery
22 Collins Rd


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