TORO ALBALÁ Marqués de Poley Cream Pedro Ximénez NV

If you had told me ten years ago that I would one day write about a cream sherry, I would have immediately conjured up images of the Australian McWilliams version in my head – the one that I used to sip in the summer sunshine with my Nonna on a special occasion. Fast forward to today and I am writing about a very different wine made in a very different style.

Toro Albalá have been making wine in the Montilla region of southern Spain for quite some time. In fact, they are sort of renowned as experts in the matter. This example is made entirely from Pedro Ximénez (PX) grapes that were made into Oloroso sherry and blended over ten years in a solera system, a method that adds fresh wine to old wine and builds complexity in flavour and aroma. Add a dash of their famous Don PX Gran Reserva and the result is exquisite.
Pale amber in colour you are immediately drawn into the glass by aromas of toasted walnuts, vanilla, salted caramel and dried apricots. On the palate you would not call it very sweet, so for those expecting a viscous style of PX, look elsewhere. The overall effect is delicate with the subtle salted caramel and nut flavours carrying it far. Sip it slowly and enjoy the walnut skin-like texture at the finish with ice-cream, fruits and citrus-based desserts.

Montilla, Spain
RRP $26 for 500ml
Stockist: Try Prince Wine Store in South Melbourne

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