Urban Fox

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Being a foodie in Melbourne, I feel as though I am always on the run! Which can be a good thing considering every other step in-between is a new place to eat and drink. With so many places to choose from, we are very fortunate to have such a bountiful selection of delicious choices, especially when it comes to coffee. We are living in the coffee culture of the universe! Well – I like to thinks so anyway! As I run around the CBD in-between meetings, reviews, catchups and dates, it’s important to keep caffeinated, right? And when it comes to coffee, I don’t mess around. I like to get straight to the point. Strong, naked, smooth, aromatic, long, black, COFFEE.  And what is amazing is that there’s an exciting new place in the city that hits that on the run spot – Urban Fox. A specialist coffee kiosk that is open seven days a week from 10AM until either 7PM or 9PM it is located at the entrance of Melbourne Central from Little Lonsdale Street. This is the perfect place for that quick, on the spot, coffee fix. Now go RUN there yourself!

Hours: Open from 7am – 6.30pm today

Location: Melbourne Central – Located on Ground – Cnr LaTrobe and Swanston Streets Melbourne VIC 3000

Megan Beatrice Jackson

Lover of life & everything delicious. She's a human, creative opportunist, earth wanderer, donor, dancer, yogi, foodie and wine lover.

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