When Mountain Goat met Mörk

If there is one thing we love, it’s a collaboration. In our mind, little can go wrong when you bring together two amazing brands, two amazing products, and two sets of passionate, dedicated people.

The latest ‘collab’ in town is that between Mountain Goat Brewery and Mörk Chocolate. Yes, you heard me correctly…beer and chocolate.

The unique pairing all started when Mörk co-founders, Kiril and Josefin stopped by the brewery and met with Mountain Goat co-founder, Dave Bonighton. Kiril, Josefin and Dave discovered beer and chocolate actually had quite a lot in common, and with winter only mere weeks away the concept of combining the dark malts of the two unusual companions was born. Enter, Jaffa Porter.

“I loved the way Kiril and Josefin broke down their hot chocolate mixes. It seemed to me a lot like creating a beer – balancing the sweetness with the bitter” said Boninghton, when asked about the collaboration. “In the end it was a matter of balancing those things, but keeping those characters subtle, so we don’t lose the essence of the beer”.

Having launched Jaffa Porter at the recent GABS festival in Melbourne, the limited release brew can be found at the Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond, and we believe it will also find its way to The Local Taphouse, Beer DeLuxe and the Terminus North Fitzroy over the coming weeks.

We’ve also been told that Mountain Goat have also rolled out a fresh barrel this morning, so if you’re keen to have a try, make tracks to Richmond.

Mörk Chocolatemorkchocolate.com.au

Mountain Goat: mountaingoatbrewery.com.au


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