Wine Review: 2016 Ravensworth Riesling

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Canberra isn’t exactly known for its wines. Its abundance of public servants and native flora and fauna, yes–but it has a pretty short wine making history.

However, there is quite a lot happening on the wine front in the ACT region that is very exciting for Australian viticulture. Clued-in winemakers are tapping into the local climate to produce some really amazing wines.

Bryan Martin of Ravensworth Wines is no exception. Assistant winemaker to Tim Kirk at Clonakilla, he is expressing a own unique wine making style through his own label. His wines aren’t just tasty; they’re also really well priced.

The 2016 Riesling is a great buy at $25. A delicate drink with a distinct floral flavour, this also tastes a bit spicy, like fennel, cinnamon and ginger; as well as a citrusy, zesty hit of lemony goodness on the palate. At any rate, it’s a quality, clean drop that I would be happy to drink with a dinner full of really fresh flavours–or of course, on its own.

2016 Ravensworth Riesling
Region: Canberra, NSW (Murrumbateman)
Alcohol: 12.0%
RRP: $25.00


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