“Wine Scream” hits the Good Food and Wine Show

Your two favourite things to consume are now coming together as one foodstuff: Vinomofo has created a soft-serve ice cream infused with wine, debuting at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show.

Combining premium European wine with creamy soft serve ice cream, “wine scream” is hitting the nail on the head for the wine and frozen treat-loving masses.
There are two types of wine scream available:
 Orgy soft serve winescream, a delicious GSM from McLaren Vale made by Vinomofo and winemaking brothers, Hither & Yon; and,

– the Fanny Limehead soft serve sorbet
, which is made with a beautifully zesty  base of riesling from Clare Valley created in collaboration with Penna Lane. It’s super fresh and everything you want from a a boozy sorbet.
The wine-scream is gluten free, and the sorbet is lactose-free, which means everyone from all the corners of the dietary requirement landscape can indulge.
The Wine Scream is FREE so obviously you’re going to go to the Good Food & Wine Show and head to the Vinomofo stand to check it out.

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