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Given it was pay day, I didn’t have to work and I was feeling hungry and adventurous I headed off to the brand spanker Young Bloods Diner on Rose St in Fitzroy. They’ve only been open for two weeks which is ordinarily a dubious choice in my book – I believe it takes a good old  month for a place to really get into its groove but the clincher was the parking spot virtually right outside. Nothing makes you feel more special than being the only one in a place so if you really want to nab a seat here, an early weekday morning is your best bet. I can’t imagine what these folks have to contend with on market days (YBD is the new baby of market owners Adam and Christian Ferrante  and is smack bang positioned at the entrance).

The first thing that hits you is the beautiful, bright, crisp décor – a mix of unfinished concrete walls decorated with self portrait art works by Adam (this might sound pretentious, but far from it – I would happily have one or two hanging on my wall, maybe if I knew him a little better) and bright yellow subway tiles. There is an upstairs, outdoor area that is covered but not walled – avoid in hurricane conditions when the rain is falling sideways.

The menu is nice and neat like most breakfast offerings these days and chef Sascha Randle’s signature dish is coddled eggs – straight up which is fine and all but why would you choose plain when you can have confit duck or house smoked salmon. Listen, if you are putting Ortiz anchovies on a menu then you have already picked the dish out for me. Done. I ordered a house blend coffee and read the epicure (I know, clichéd or what) and waited.

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