Aka Siro

There’s something about Collingwood that seems to suit the Japanese subculture in Melbourne. I can’t pinpoint it… but there’s this urban soul to the area that fits them very well, which could be why we’ve seen places like CIBIMina No Ie and a few other fabulous Japanese style shops taking residence there.

A kind-hearted friend of mine, Castletime, hasn’t been featured in this blog for years… our last catch-up was at Von Haus two years ago. Back then, I was sad seeing a good friend leave Melbourne. But he’s back now… and it shows me how quickly the years pass by and how, sometimes, good things can come back into your life.

Neither of us are Japanese, but we’re fans of its culture and cuisine. So when I suggested we catch up at Aka Siro, Castletime got as excited as I was. I stumbled past this Japanese eatery about a year ago after brunching at Mina No Ie from across the road. It took me a year, but I’m finally here! Part of the reason for the delay is the prohibitively expensive car parking in Collingwood during the daytime.

We both loved the detailed little touches in the Japanese cafe… from the rustic wooden benches, to the patterned blue cushions that we sat on, the minimalistic wood-framed windows, and the simple but appealing tableware and knick knacks on the shelves and display cabinets. And as customers, we instinctively added to the decorative touches here by placing, on our spacious white table, our much-loved geeky gadgets and my “Korean gangster” sunglasses.

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