Australian Markets Conference 2014

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For the first time, and in an effort to stay atop of the game and respond to the​ ​community’s​ ​growing fervor for whole foods, market leaders from around the nation will gather in Melbourne, from 19 to 21 November 2014, for the inaugural National Markets Conference.

The two-day conference will be the first time major markets across the nation can gather to share ideas, learn from industry experts and work towards strengthening the position and offering of markets in the retail landscape.

With 40 delegates attending, representing 14 historical, tourist and fresh produce markets, this is a great opportunity to see what works for other markets, what doesn’t, what needs improving and how they can all strengthen the future for their respective markets across Australia.

The conference is a joint effort from Fremantle Markets and the South Melbourne Market, who both have an important historical presence in Australia. Both establishments have invested time and resources with an aim to develop markets for the future.

The conference will be populated with top-level speakers, including Russell Zimmerman, CEO of Australian Retail Association; Gilbert Rochecouste, Director of Village Well; and Francis Loughran, a consultant for Future Food. The speakers will address a diverse range of topics, covering the retail sphere, the art and science of creating great markets, tourism and the importance of food trends in our society.

Other discussion topics will cover marketing initiatives, stallholder engagement, community engagement, event management and sustainability. Also included in the conference are guided tours of Melbourne’s world-class markets including the Queen Victoria Night Market, the South Melbourne Market and Preston Market.

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