A25 Pizzeria Launches Squid Ink Pizza!

In Melbourne we’re used to our fabulous array of chef’s creating new and innovative surprises for our dining delight. It perhaps shouldn’t be too much of a shock to learn then that South Yarra’s newest pizza joint, A25 Pizzeria has recently launched the newest addition to their menu…squid ink pizza base.

Taking inspiration from one of their most popular dishes, squid ink pasta, the A25 Pizzeria team who specialise in traditional Italian pizza with a stylish, modern twist, thought the transition to a squid ink pizza base, was a natural one!

At A25, black is the new green, with their squid ink pizza and pasta delivering diners a rich dose of iron and antioxidants. Aside from its potential health benefits, squid ink is jam-packed with flavour. It is naturally high in glutamic acid, which can also be found in other rich tasting foods like truffle and Parmesan cheese.

A25’s squid ink pizza is part of their ‘crazy pizza’ A25 Menu, combining calamari and sautéed prawns with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and pecorino cheese.


Chek out Haynes&Bruce’s review of A25 Pizzeria here, or head in to taste Melbourne’s newest flavour

A25 Pizzeria
720 Chapel Street, South Yarra
03 9826 2233
[email protected]


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