Beer Review – King Cobra Lager

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Brew Review – King Cobra Lager

How could I not try a beer called King Cobra Lager? I mean the name itself is enough to both scare and intrigue the most hardened of beer connoisseurs. This week we’ll look at the King Cobra Lager, made by the Kielce Brewery in Poland.

Noting that the alcohol strength was 8% I expected the usual alcohol burn that comes with these types of beverages, but admit to being surprised at how smooth it was. Upon further investigation I discovered that the beer is double fermented, giving it the alcoholic strength but also removing the harshness.

This is a style that is really taking off in Eastern Europe and for good reason. The hops note is low, but the malt flavour really enjoyable. Whilst classified as a lager, it definitely has tones of a Pilsner. Arguably a beer with a personality complex!

I’d really recommend this beer to try, at $28- for a 750ml bottle it is priced like a good quality sparkling wine, however it is definitely another beer to impress friends as it isn’t an easy style to find.

King Cobra Lager
Score: 8/10
ABV: 8%
Standard Drinks: 1.92
Style: Lager
Serving Temperature: 4-7 degrees
Country: Poland
Price: $28.28 x 750ml bottle

Buy it here: King Cobra Lager (750ml)






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