Coburg Batman Market

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When the gates to the Batman Market opened for launch weekend on October 11-12, even the organisers were stunning by the number of people who flooded through. Over 11,500 turned out to try Melbourne’s newest market experience, which boasts an impressive line up of over 120 stalls, a huge proportion of which, are food orientated.

Since launching, the market is now open every weekend, and if food is your thing (and if you’re on GRAM’s website, we’ll make the bold assumption it might just be!), then this is one weekend activity you simply must experience.

The market is located right next to Batman Railway Station, on the Sydney Road/Gaffney Street corner, 14-22 Gaffney St, Coburg and is open every weekend from 9am – 3pm. ‘

Today the market will be joined by an amazing new line-ups, including Treat Yo Self Cart, The Little Mushroom Co, Brulee Cart and Lil Nomnoms, who have all become new residents of Batman Market. These new faces add even further depth to the already impressive foodie line up, with other names such as N2 Extreme Gelato, Overdosa, Senor BBQ, Ayomo, Rustic Sourdough Bakery and Timboon Fine Ice Cream. From our perspective, the only problem with the market is how to choose what to have for lunch!

Other than food, there are other things that fill up our 120+ stalls as well, i.e. local customers can shop for their weekly staples (we have fruits and veg sellers, salami and cheese makers, garden plants and flowers), arts and crafts (terrariums, candles, henna designs and accessories), children’s activities (bouncing castle and face painting) as well as live music every Sat-Sun.

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