East Ivy

Breakfast in Melbourne is pretty much an institution, with most suburbs now having at least one gourmet dining destination for brekkie, brunch, lunch, ‘levensies and afternoon tea. Mates Daniel Amato and Emilio Rogliano have recently opened East Ivy in leafy Ivanhoe, much to the excitement of locals and visitors alike, and it’s already packed out on a regular basis.

The guys are most well known for Brunswick beauty, Lux Foundry, which has it’s own ripper reputation as being one of Melbourne’s best cafes. The two saw a gap in the Ivanhoe market for specialty coffee and great food, with a focus on healthier dining options. They’ve brought their expertise to this new sister restaurant, and it shows with tables filled by eager diners, and many visitors ready to line up for a takeaway coffee.

From cold drip to filter, there are plenty of options for coffee aficionados, that even those used to getting their morning brew in the CBD won’t be disappointed. The menu sports an all day menu, so if it’s 8am and you’re craving salty and tender squid with a tangy side salad of lychees, coriander and apple, then the gang at East Ivy certainly won’t judge.

A big stand out for breakfast are the buckwheat waffles, with smoked maple, thick cut bacon, banana and coconut gel. The fluffy texture of the waffles, paired with the saltiness of the bacon was divine. Sometimes sweet breakfasts can be overly cloying, and more suited to dessert than a tasty way to start the day—not the case with this dish. The smoked maple was the sweetest element—but used sparingly, just enough to create a rich moisture to the dish, and not leaving you feeling like your insides are dripping in sugar.

The service at East Ivy is exceptional, bringing an old-school warmth to the intimate dining space. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, with an efficiency that’s needed at the bustling cafe.

Pop into East Ivy for a relaxing sit-down meal, or grab a coffee and cake for the road. If you’re a local, you’ve probably already been (and enjoyed it). If you’re not, consider paying East Ivy a visit, as it’s well worth a trip to the ‘burbs.


East Ivy

6 Burton Crescent, East Ivanhoe

(03) 9499 8186

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