5 (Foodie) Things You Can Do to Warm Up

Yep, it’s nearly June, and already team GRAM is pulling out the tissue boxes. Not because we’ve caught colds, but because we’re Big. Fat. Cry babies. Yes it’s cold, and no—we can’t handle it. We felt it necessary to compile a list of five ways you—our foodie friends—can warm up this winter. Because, brrr, it’s cold out there, I said there must be some giphys in the atmosphere.

Do the Running Man… to your nearest hot coffee.

You know that saying; ‘What goes around comes around?’ well nothing is more popular at the moment than this bizarre dance move, which is why you’ll look totally on trend rockin’ it while waiting for your extra-hot flat white takeaway. (Maybe don’t try the move once you have the extra-hot coffee in hand)


Go on a date… where there is mulled wine.

There’s nothing quite like a good pinch of physical attraction to get the blood flowing, even better when there is vino in the vicinity. But if that’s off the cards, mulled wine—or any wine really—on its own is still definitely an option. In fact, why didn’t we start with that? Take two: Drink wine to warm up, add date as required.


Drink tea… even better if it’s with a British person.

Is there anything better than a person you are attracted to drinking tea? No? Wrong. It’s better if they’re British. Why? Don’t ask, just sip your tea, and enjoy the glorious feeling of it warming you up from the inside out (but that effect may be caused from staring at said British person).



Is it getting hot in here… or is that a jalapeno popper?

Yep, you guessed it. Get some chilli in ya! And we mean that in a totally food + cooking + plate + knife + fork = consumption way. Oh gosh, how do we undo this. You can’t, just like the burning inferno of a really f**king hot chilli, IT CAN’T BE UNDONE. But hey, on the plus side, jumper = redundant.



Spice up your life… with cinnamon.

Because chili isn’t the only thing that can heat you up on a cold-cold night. Try baking something with cinnamon—muffins are a great option—and get the dual benefit of piping-hot baked goods, as well as the residual oven air heating up your kitchen! Because a little spice never hurt anyone. Well, except for this lady.

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