Hank Marvin’s Big Burger Biannual

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Beef-lovers, burger bros and bloggers alike, get excited – The second Big Burger Biannual is returning to St Kilda’s Hank Marvin Market!

On Labour Day (March 13), some of our most exceptional burger creators including Fancy Hanks, Brother Burger, Mr Burger and more will be flipping them patties from 11am to 10pm.

Some new additions to the burger landscape have also been added to the lineup that will expand your burger repertoire beyond the beef variety­–to seafood such as Moreton Bay Bug burgers, and to vegetarian and vegan burgers made from the pulp of pressed juice.

Burger enthusiasts can wash it all down with some refreshing beverages from Stomping Ground brewery and Willie Smith’s Cider. So if you’re in town this weekend and you love burgers or indeed, the letter “b” being bandied about, it’s a no-brainer, obviously.






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