Endulj – Delivering Melbourne’s Hottest

Home delivered food is taking Melbourne by storm, with multiple delivery services vying to feed you some of Melbourne’s hottest—or in most cases, luke warm—dishes. The latest claim to offer trendy food to the at home comfort-seeking diner, offering food that’s not just your standard stir fry or piping pizza, but actually from popular and bustling restaurants in Melbourne.

But here’s the rub, even if you do order your favourite pho, or your superfood salad, it’s simply not as good as dining at the restaurant. It arrives luke-warm, can often take forever to arrive, and to be quite frank, it looks like it went through the spin cycle, and not the bicycle kind. Yes, trendy restaurants are included, but what about some of Melbourne’s best restaurants? It would be fair to expect them to not really fit the bill. They’re more the kind of places you really want to enjoy, and don’t mind making the trip for.

So… what if we told you: You can dine at home, with food from five of Melbourne’s top restaurants? And that the logistics side has been so carefully thought out, that you won’t be sacrificing in temperature, quality or presentation? How about a sneaky boutique, matched wine list to go with paired by Sommelier Ainslie Lubbock (Attica, Cutler and Co, Verge, MoVida, Royal Mail Hotel, Pei Modern)? And while we’re at it, why don’t we drop a few names of the brilliant chefs dishing out some top notch recipes. We’re talking Frank Camorra (MoVida), Victor Liong (Lee Ho Fook), Adrian Li (Saigon Sally, Tokyo Tina), Mirco Speri (38 Chairs) and the genius who will be behind the scenes (and kitchen bench) in this snazzy operation; Executive Chef Matt Germanchis (Pei Modern).

Okay stop. We know what you’re thinking: ‘This all sounds great, but it’s going to cost a mint. You’re basically talking about fine dining catering.’

Wrong. And a little bit right, but only from the fine dining perspective! Have a peak at the menu online at endulj.com to see the full list of Melbourne’s favourite food. From starters through to dessert, there’s even a kids menu. We’re rather partial to the Pei Modern Hangar Steak ($38), and the Tokyo Tina Wagyu Beef Tataki ($16), but there are vego options too—try the Pei Modern Giorgios mozzarella with pickled beetroot and smoked oil ($18) for something refreshing and filling.

The first kitchen set up is in Windsor, and the radius is capped at 3km to ensure the food travels well and arrives in optimum (eating) shape. The plan is to expand across Australia with more kitchens, and more exciting dishes from some of Australia’s best chefs!

So next time you and your partner, kids, and/or housemate can skip the argument about whether you’re ordering Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Australian, Vietnamese or Japanese, and having beer, wine or soft drink? Just order a bit of everything, kick back and Endulj!

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